Ag.S.   Anglo Saxon
Arm.    Armenian
Br.     Breton
Bulg.   Bulgarian
Ch.Sl.  Church Slavonic
Cor.    Cornish
Corn.   Cornish
Dan.    Danish
Dial.   Dialectic, belonging to a dialect
Du.     Dutch
E.      Early, as E.Eng.= Early English
Eng.    English
Fr.     French
G.      Gaelic
Gaul.   Gaulish
Ger.    German
Got.    Gothic
H.      High, as H.G.= High German
Heb.    Dialects of the Hebridees
Hes.    Hesychius
I.E.    Indo-European
Ir.     Irish
Ital.   Italian
L.      Late, as L.Lat.= Late Latin
Lat.    Latin
Lett.   Lettic
Lit.    Lithuanian
M.      Middle, as M.Ir.= Middle Irish
Mod.    Modern
N.      Norse
N.      New, as N.Slav.= New Slavonic
N.H.    Dialects of the Northern Highlands
O.      Old, as O.Ir.= Old Irish
O.H.G.  Old High German
Per.    Persian
Pruss.  Prussian
Sc.     Scottish
Sl.     Slavonic
Slav.   Slavonic
Slov.   Slovenic
Span.   Spanish
Sw.     Swedish
W.      Welsh
Zd.     Zend or Old Bactrian