# Ranganna

If you are looking for Gaelic classes, here are some places to start!

Na Gaeilgí / The Gaelics

(IMS) Less Commonly Taught Languages
The LCTL project at the University of Minnesota has a list of schools in the US and Canada that teach (amonst others) Irish and Scottish Gaelic.

Gaelg / Manx Gaelic

Gàidhlig / Scottish Gaelic

(S) Sabhal Mór Ostaig
The Gaelic college on the Isle of Skye has a list of Scottish Gaelic classes worldwide.
(S) An Ceathramh
Scottish Gaelic classes and activities (in Eastern Scotland).

Gaeilge / Irish

(I) An Teanga Mharthanach
Publishes a quarterly newsletter and a list of classes around the world.
(I) Gael-Linn
Runs classes for all levels in Ireland.
(I) Oideas Gael
Oideas Gael runs classes in Ireland.