# Siopaí Leabhair i Meiriceá
Irish Langauge Bookstores in the US

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Name Associated Technical Services, Inc.
Address 855 Bloomfield Ave.
Glen Ridge, NJ
Phone(201) 748-5673
Fax(201) 748-5560
Language(s) (IMS) (Other)
Notes These folks apparently specialized in dictionaries. They will send you a flyer of available dictionaries "on learning your specific needs, i.e. languages and their directions (e.g. Ger-Engl or Engl-Ger or both), well-defined subject areas, not just broad description such as 'technical dictionaries.'" I haven't yet replied to that note with a request for Irish dictionaries. They also sent a short list of available books. They have books for learners of all the Celtic languages - more Breton books on the list than Irish! 1 Manx, 2 Gaelic, 2 Irish, 4 Breton, 2 Cornish, and 7 Welsh books. "There are, of course, dictionaries for these languages as well."

Name Audio-Forum
Address Suite LA90
96 Broad Street
Guilford, CT
Phone 1-800-243-1234 (toll free)
(203) 453 - 9794
Fax(203) 453-9774
Catalog(s) The Whole World Language Catalog
Language(s) (I) (S) (Other)
Notes From the front cover: "The world's largest selection of audio and video self-instructional language courses - 230 courses in 79 languages." Has some Gaelic, Irish, Welsh. Poetry, songs, "Learning Irish" and some recordings/ magazine issues of "An Droichead."

Name Dufour Editions Inc.
Address Post Office Box 7
Chester Springs
Phone (215) 458 - 5005
1-800-869-5677 (for credit card orders, M-F 9am-5pm ET)
Fax(215) 458 - 7103
Catalog(s) "complete catalog of books from and about Ireland 1992-93" (58 pages)
Complete Catalog 1992-93 (95 pages)
Language(s) (I)
Notes A very nice catalog of books about Ireland, but the only ones in Irish are a handfull of dual-language editions.

Their complete catalog contains translations from many languages around the world (Nordic, Slavic, Asian, etc) in sections like Fiction, Poetry, Drama, Folklore, Crafts, &c.

They take VISA / Mastercard, and gift orders.

Name Ford & Baile
Address Post Office Box 138
Belmont, MA
Phone(617) 489-6635
Fax(617) 489-6388
Catalog(s)Fall 1992 (8 pages)
Language(s) (I) (S) (Other)
Notes Book list is subtitled "Celtic Books for Scholars and Students." A fascinating collection! Reasonable prices and shipping too. Most of the familiar references (Foclóir Póca, Buntús Cainte, Christian Bros., etc) as well as Old Irish books, Welsh books, Celtic studies, and more.

A flyer also sent: Newly Published "Carmina Gadelica Hymns & Incantations" (English text only).

Name Gael Force Imports
Address Gael Force Imports
P.O. Box 26445
Fresno, CA
Catalog(s) Celtic Music, Video and Book Catalog (Fall 1996-Winter 1997)
The Reed & Chanter (Volume 2 #4)
Language(s) (IMS) (Other)
Notes A wonderful catalog! Tons and tons of Celtic music, with lots of books in all the Celtic langauges thrown in.

Name The Irish Bookshop
Address 580 Broadway, Suite 1103
New York, New York. 10012
Email acpmpf@inch.com
Phone(212) 274-1923
Fax(212) 431-5413
Catalog(s) Learning The Irish Language (4 pages)
Main Catalog
Irish Books News (1992) (6 pages)
Language(s) (I)
Notes Specializes in contemporary Irish language fiction, and sponsors many local Irish language events.

To order items:
make cheques payable to "Irish Books" and include Shipping of $3.50 for the first book, and $.25 for each additional one. Credit card orders accepted if total is over $20.00 If you reside in N.Y. or N.J., add sales tax.

Name Irish Books & Media
Address 1433 Franklin Avenue East
Minneapolis, MN 55404-2135
Email irishbooks@aol.com
Phone (612) 871 - 3505
1 - 800 - 229 - 3505
Fax(612) 871 - 3358
Catalog(s) Summer 1992 (8 pages)
Leabhair Gaeilge
Music Titles (4 pages)
Irish Language Stocklist
Language(s) (I)
Notes Postage is $1.95 for the first book and $.65 for each additional book. They will pay postage on individual orders of $50 or more. Minnesota add 6.5% sales tax. Add $2.00 to total if you want UPS. They take VISA.

They have lots of children's books, novels for teenagers, and self-teaching materials. Descriptions in English.

They also have many books in English about Ireland, Celtic history and art, biographies, etc.

Name Lordly Nightshade Productions
Address P.O. Box 380775
Cambridge, MA 02238-0775
Email ranauro@fas.harvard.edu
Phone(617) 422 - 1929
Fax(617) 988 - 2016
Catalog(s) Their online catalog.
Language(s) (S)
Notes Lots of dictionaries and learner's materials for Scottish Gaelic. "This is only a partial listing of titles available, and covers only the area of Gaelic Scotland. As most of my customers are beginners and learners, I haven't included all of the Gaelic-only texts which are available...."

They take VISA and Mastercard. "Please add 5% for shipping and handling (min. $4.50; max. $7.5)."

Name Schoenhof's Foreign Books
Address 76A Mount Auburn Street
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Email info@schoenhofs.com
Phone(617) 547 - 8855
Fax(617) 547 - 8551
Catalog(s) Irish Reference 11/22/91 (2 pgs.)
Irish Literature 11/22/91 (2 pgs.)
Language(s) (IMS) (Other)
Notes "We will order, at no extra charge, any in-print title not normally stocked. Customers, unless they have an institutional account, must make a deposit of 50% of the estimated cost of the order or provide us a credit card number."

They take VISA / Mastercard/AmEx.

Shipping: $3.50 for first 2 books, $0.25 per additional book.

Schoenhof's specializes in foreign language books. Thus they have such books as "Celtes et la Civilisation Celtique" and "Altirische Grammatik" in the Irish Reference list. They have lots of books on Old Irish, all the main dictionaries and self-instruction books/tapes. The Irish Literature list has 64 titles, including novels for teenagers, songs, poetry, children's books, and classic Irish novels.

They have a list of lists available - the first 3 lists are free, after that they cost $1 (which is refunded on your next purchase). I asked for the following lists (out of hundreds): Anglo-Saxon & Middle English, Cornish reference, France: Regional Languages (includes Breton), Gaelic reference, Icelandic Old Norse & Faroese, Irish Literature, Irish reference, Manx reference, Native American Languages, Welsh reference.

Name Thistle and Shamrock Books
Address Thistle and Shamrock Books
P.O. Box 42
Alexandria, VA
Email RuairidhM@aol.com
Phone(703) 548 - 2207
Fax(703)548 - 6162
Catalog(s) Their online catlog.
Language(s) (S)
Notes Their online catalog lists lots of Scottish Gaelic dictionaries, learners' materials, music and more.

"Please add $1.25 for postage for the first title and $.50 for each additional title. Virginia residents please add 4.5 per cent for sales tax."